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"Welcome to Coco Ink Tattoo Studio: Where Art is inked into the Skin!"


Coco Ink Tattoo Studio is based in Etoy at the Ateliers de la Côte. Annick Goeke, a Swiss artist, creates unique tattoos according to your personal ideas and your own story. Annick is specialized in realistic tattoos, portraits, animals as well as ornemental. Thanks to  her artistic background education (Art School and Beaux-Arts in Geneva), she can offer you various styles of tattoos: from the illustration to the micro realism where fine lines and shades meet. As a former therapist in Energy medicine ( MSc. Psych), Annick Goeke will be able to answer more accurately to your personal story in order to adjust at best your tattoo project.  

Salon tatouage Coco Ink.heic

Quick overview of some of my black and grey ornemental and realistic tattoos: animals, portraits, floral and more

Here is a selection of my creations as a visual artist: paintings, digital drawings movie sets,  art exhibitions and participation in various artistic events.

Auguries of Innocence

Auguries of Innocence, is a short-movie created by Peter G. Rebeiz & Tamara Canovo, Balik Farm Entertainment.

Artistic consultant/decors/costumes by Annick Goeke

Auguries of Innocence is modern proposition of a classical English poems of William Blake.

Current project: Short movie collaboration

Recent paintings

Annick Goeke c/o Coco Ink
Pallatex 5,#203 E
1163 Etoy, Switzerland
tel: +41(79)911 22 67
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Wall Painting by Annick Goeke at Café de l'Union, Saint-Prex, Switzerland

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