Short Movie: Auguries of Innocence

Auguries of Innocence is a poem of William Blake taken from

one of William Blake's notebooks now known as The Pickering Manuscript, written in 1803 and published later in 1863.

William Blake denounced the Innocence of the poor face to the evil and corruption of human being in the 19th century.

Peter G. Rebeiz, owner of Balik Farm Studio Entertainment, composed several pieces of music on poems of the same period of history, which will be gathered in a Book of Poetry, available as a coffret CD/booklet/DVD. The book of Poetry is a cultural project which propose a new lecture of an era of english literature combined with contemporary music.

Masks 1

The very first part of my collaboration in this project was the masks for the six dancers. Each one represented a character: seduction, ignorance, avidity, corruption, manipulation and intouchable.

Another set of mask on the theme of Death was made afterwards for another shooting scene.


The second assignment was the mannequins. The Art director, Peter G. Rebeiz, discovered one of my customised mannequins on my Instagram account and directly fell in love with it. So I had the green light to customise five pieces the way I wanted as long as the colours would fit in the old power station, Chavalon in Vouvry (Valais, Switzerland) where the shooting would take place.

Old power station Chavalon in Vouvry (Valais, Switzerland)

Annick Goeke and Peter G. Rebeiz, work lunch in Montreux at Montreux Jazz Café in the Fairmont Palace. 

Faulty Cyborg

Ocean Foam



Ready to leave the art studio

Taking over my car!

Arriving in Chavalon

Placing the mannequins for the scenes and B-roll.

Peter Rebeiz and Soni (camera man)

Peter Rebeiz with all the dancers

Singer Yasmina Tamara and the dancers wearing the masks

Daniel Ferreira, hairdresser from Montreux and his team

Madleina von Reding, make-up artist from London

Masks 2


For the scene planned in the forest i had to create two other mask of the theme of Death, which would also be used in a scene in the future.

One scene (chasing scene) was shot in the Bonmont forest in Switzerland and another one (final scene) in Divonnes-les-Bains at the river shore of La Divonne.

Our medieval serf, Samuel, who will be chased chased in the forest. Fully prepared by Daniel Ferreira.

The Death masks

The team watching the scene on the camera

Beautiful Bonmont forest in Autumn

Our two camera men, Soni from Zürich, with the drone, and Lyri from Bern with the camera

Peter Rebeiz and the hunted serf arriving in Divonnes for the final scene.

Balik logo.png

Movie set 


The third assignment was the creation of a movie set for shooting scenes in a studio. It was an amazing opportunity for me to create and customise stones, trees, bones, finding some reliques and creating clothes for a very dark part of the movie and a extra part happening in a study place of a wealthy man.

Theses scenes were shot in Ebersol, Saint-Gallen, were Balik Farm has its music recording studio.

The technicians are done with the main structure and the lightening, it is time to prepare a movie set with decorations, props, soil and smoke. 

The setting is ready we can start shooting.

Masks 2 and my mannequins in Vevey


For the "Beauty"scene, the shooting took place in the castle on the main place in Vevey city: Château d'Aile, at the lakeshore of Leman Lake.

Here are a few photos of the mannequins setting and the shooting.

Château d'Aile, Vevey

The mannequins setting in various rooms, mainly for the B-Roll.

The Camera man, the art director and the staff all the the scene.

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