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In the Art Studio


My Art Studio


Annick Goeke Art


Chemin de la Crétaux 2

Z.I. Avouillons

1196 Gland


On the move...


I just moved recently in a new place in Gland. I have now two large units, one where  I can receive students and clients and the other one where I work.

The place is still very packed and will be sorted as soon as possible!


Nyon Castle, Switzerland 


On my Desk


My desk is simply a IKEA drawing table filled with the media I use the most. Below the table and all around are packed everything left, from the oil-alcrylic-watercolor painting to the papers. 

On and off my desk: my MacBookPro, my coffee and my bowl of nuts. 

at Work


Working in progress...

My Paintings and me.

Me trying to get around my workshop stuffed with canvas, art materials, my piano and my saxo, my cats and my easels...

From Project to Artwork

Depending on the project I have in mind, I will need to use a live model  or a photography to better work the proportions, shadows and details. 

I also use photoshop and Procreate to create a montage and evaluate if the project is interesting.

Sometimes chance is part of the process, when I splatter the work (and inadvertently my phone!).

Tattoo projects

Sacrifying my swiss knife in the chocolate!

My Art Supplier


My local art supplier is Aux Beaux-Arts Nyon,

avenue Viollier 15, 1260 Nyon, Switzerland.

You'll find high quality advices, great services and art classes. Check the Facebook page to learn about opening hours and class schedules.

Shop: the Ali Baba Cave....

Artist Eric Baghatchadjian teaching a pastels art class

Dry pastels

Acrylic paint tubes